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Opinion on the project to introduce vaccination against COVID-19

dr Diana Wojtkowiak (doctorate in the field of virology)

The protein Spike (viral S gene) lowers ACE2 protein levels, which increases ANG-II, leading to pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary failure. Additionally, this mechanism activates the TGF-beta cytokine, a high level of which is involved in neoplastic processes. At the same time, the p38 kinase cascade is related to fibrosis, activated by various factors, but also by microwave radiation of cell phone base stations. The increase in the electromagnetic radiation norm, which was hastily followed by telecom operators, will exacerbate the phenomenon of fibrosis under the influence of the Spike protein produced by RNA contained in vaccines. Additionally, antibodies to the Spike protein have been found to increase infections.

Reports from a few months ago spoke of an RNA vaccine that aims to produce the protein Spike, which is intended to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies throughout life. You do not say about individual vaccines whether they contain reverse transcriptase and integrase, which carry RNA information into the human genome . Even if it does not, the information provided by the Polish government to journalists indicates a huge percentage of people who are carriers of coronaviruses. Information from the main Polish administrator of covid statistics, a 19-year-old, whose extensive experience our government relies on, recently reported that every sixth respondent has a positive result for SARS-CoV2 (perhaps a dice throw) and now we have the result that every second person is positive (coin toss). Regardless of Polish unreliable statistics, foreign scientific data show that 15% of colds and flu have been dealing with coronavirus for years. Thus, it will provide the missing elements for the virulence of the Spike protein characteristic of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV2. Passing a banal cold after being vaccinated with the current vaccine may therefore lead to pulmonary fibrosis. The time taken for the complex immune response to stabilize under the influence of antibodies is approximately six months. A shorter clinical trial period may not show any complications from the vaccine, so the research period used for the current coronavirus vaccine is unacceptable to any virologist and epidemiologist. Never has any vaccine been approved for use within months. This means that the risk balance is currently invalid, and the vaccine is to serve other purposes that everyone with an interest in international politics knows.

Our vassal government, spending hundreds of billions of zlotys on purposes related to the „pandemic” plan, did not spare anything from the research of the offered express vaccines, moreover, no one with any influence on making decisions even read the scientific information about the virus itself and about experimental vaccines in the library. We trust companies that their main goal is to bring goodness to people, not financial gain, that the testing methods described in the textbooks were used by these companies and that vaccines passed the test without any negative effects. We also trust the EU’s private capital agencies, dependent on the contenders to be a world government, to have done such research in our interest. A test on healthy people from 16 to 26 years of age, whose risk of contracting COVID-19 is practically non-existent, is obviously an insult to any scientific and medical approach. The vaccine will protect these people 100%, and the complications will be tolerated relatively well by a young and healthy body.

In the description of the planned vaccination, we do not have very important information whether microchips will be introduced into the body together with the vaccine.These microchips were contracted a few months ago by a Krakow company under the designation COVID-19 or COVID-2020.If the chips are not yet provided, how will the verification that a given person is vaccinated will be carried out, which will authorize him to travel abroad or benefit from medical care under the National Health Fund from lifetime contributions to ZUS?

How is the government prepared for the vaccine fibrosis pandemic? It is interesting that under the new anti-covid shield fund, a large part of this fund is allocated to digitization with the help of the 5G network, which, due to the locally very high radiation of the electromagnetic field from a narrow microwave beam, will promote irreversible pulmonary fibrosis.

 In the text, I do not provide citations of scientific publications that I used, as you have only allocated three days to submit comments, I guess that it is on purpose not to let people with knowledge provide more time-consuming studies. On the other hand, you have unlimited time and billions of financing to become familiar with the world state of knowledge on your own before grafting all rams. And for this knowledge or the lack of this knowledge, you will be held accountable for the easy-to-predict death from complications of many thousands of people.

The introduction of conditionality to the use of various civilization gains resembles Hitler’s democratic state. This is a dangerous step towards the fascization of society. Both the Wehrmacht and the SS soldiers were conditioned in various ways for the purpose of world domination. Today it’s all about world domination again. Talking about not the rule of law is just a cliche here.

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Dr Diana Wojtkowiak 


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