The teenager defended the good name of Poland in a French school. Shocking parental account: He was called „the descendant of the murderers” …

When Jakub protested in a history lesson against a lie in a French textbook on the complicity of Poles in the extermination of Jews in the Treblinka concentration camp, he was called in the classroom „a descendant of the murderers,” his parents told PAP. The teenager, however, managed to get a correction and apology from the publisher of the textbook. In March 2017, the then 14-year-old Jakub Vaugon corrected the false information in the history and geography textbook of the Hatier publishing house during a history lesson in a gymnasium in Paris.The book says that Poles were among the personnel of the concentration camp in Treblinka.

The teenager’s parents, Agnieszka and Jerome Vaugon, pointed out in an interview with PAP that the consequences of their son’s objection were serious and caused unpleasant reactions among schoolmates as well as the history and management teachers. Students called Jakub „Polaczek” and „a descendant of murderers” – Agnieszka told PAP. When our son came home with the news of what had happened in class, he was very nervous. Nobody believed him that the Poles in Treblinka were not torturers, she added.

The student’s parents tried to explain the matter on their own in an interview with the school’s management. The management laughed at us, and Jacob was ordered to learn, said Mr. and Mrs. Vaugon. We heard the director’s mouth: „You and your Polish resentments.” The history teacher, on the other hand, was unhappy that Jakub had a different opinion than what was described in the textbook. After this incident, Jakub’s parents contacted the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka, asking for help in verifying the information contained in the French textbook. The management of the museum confirmed the gross historical error and in a letter sent to the teenager’s parents, they appealed to the publisher to correct the lie. Having the confirmation in writing, we became sure that the son’s declaration and attitude were right, stressed Mr. and Mrs. Vaugon, who presented the letter in the gymnasium.

The appeal to correct the information contained in the textbook, which we received from the management of the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka, confirming that the son was right, was ridiculed at school – parents emphasized. During the next meeting at the gymnasium, the school’s headmaster even argued that within a few days he would provide materials proving that „Poles participated in the Holocaust in the Treblinka camp”. Jacob was also called by the history teacher, who told him that he was causing her only trouble, and that he had kept the director from sleeping half the night looking for evidence that Jacob was wrong. However, he found no such evidence.

In April 2017, the publisher of the textbook, to which the parents also sent an appeal from the management of the Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka, apologized for the error in the textbook. In a letter sent to the Vaugons, the publisher explained that there was no such error in the new version of the book and assured that he would make every effort to prevent such mistakes from appearing in their publications again. In subsequent versions of the textbook, the shocking record about Polish personnel in Treblinka has not appeared. Jakub delivered the letter of apology and correction from the publisher to the history teacher, who – as the boy explained – put it in her purse and never again did the school management or the teacher refer to this topic in the classroom. Unfortunately, the teachers continued to study with the youth based on the information in the old textbook, the Vaugons said.


This ignorance was painful.The matter was silenced, but our child was the object of quiet mockery of some of his peers and suspicious eyes of the teaching staff until the end of the school year.None of the adults defended him, and no one ever explained publicly in the classroom what Jacob’s intervention was about.We are proud of our son who, as a 14-year-old child, was able to publicly oppose a lie and did not withdraw his opinion despite the pressure.Jakub believed that his intervention could change something, that the truth mattered.In our opinion, this story brought him into adulthood too quickly.However, it helped him to see many difficult aspects of interpersonal relations at the intersection of cultures, religions and diplomacy, concluded his parents, stressed Mr and Mrs Vaugon.

 Jacob was one of the best students of the school and obtained excellent results on the final exams from the gymnasium. Mr. and Mrs. Vaugon expressed concerns as to whether what Jacob had done had an impact on his education in the subsequent stages of his education in France. For reasons that remain unexplained, despite a very good entrance examination to the Montaigne High School in Paris in spring 2017, Jakub was not admitted, said the Vaugons.

After a several-stage recruitment process, Jakub entered the prestigious Stanislas Secondary School in Paris, began his education in September 2017, and in 2020 he passed his secondary school-leaving examination with honors. He dreams of studying at the Polytechnic University of Lausanne.

Jacob was nominated in the 9th edition of the Jan Rodowicz „Anody”.

(About 900,000 people died in the German concentration camp in Treblinka. It was the largest GERMAN death camp in the General Government and the second largest in occupied Europe after Auschwitz-Birkenau.)

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Bravo Jakub and Jakub’s parents. This is how you need to be able to fight for the good name of your ancestors and this is how you need to raise your Polish children. Poles are proud of you!

And just… a quote [Mr A.S.] from our magazine – „Nasze Pismo” / bi-monthly / about the Protection of the Name on the Antipodes, we add: „After coming to power, the most important and brave ones smashed the Polish Committee for the Defense of the Name of Poland and Poles, because, according to their spokesman, Committee did not defend, but vaccinated… And Those important and brave began to promote Poland and Polonia – destroying everything that they had not built themselves – wandering around the courts – one complains about the other – stumbling on stairs – buzzing with heavy orders … ”

PS. Dear Reader! Compare this text with the crap of Jan T. Gross contained in his „Golden Harvest / Złote żniwa).

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