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Author: Jolanta V. Miarka

 He was supposed to be out of order, and he plays drums and builds robots. An inspiring story of Antek

Antek has TAR syndrome, which manifests itself with uneducated hands. During pregnancy, the doctors proposed an abortion, and after his birth they gave no hope that he would be at least partially functional.

His parents entrusted Antek to the Mother of God and fought for his health with great determination. As parents recalled, on the computer screen they saw a child „who had two balls stuck to the body.” Doctors proposed an abortion, but my parents did not want it, despite the fear of a difficult diagnosis. They decided to fight for their son’s life. They flew to Lourdes to ask Our Lady for protection. “We had so many signs by which God showed that we would do well. I calmed down after this departure. I came completely different: full of peace ”- recalls Antek’s mother.

 The search for doctors and the struggle for health began. Many said that Antek could not be treated. Parents consulted doctors also abroad. They went to Athens to see the doctor Paley, who was treating a boy with a similar defect.

As parents emphasize, they felt the protection of the Mother of God all the time. “Nobody gave us hope. Everyone said there would be no possibility. And the doctor says after the consultation: «Yes, I will treat him. There is a chance”. Antek has undergone four complex procedures. Thanks to this, Antek managed to get to a music school, because it turns out that Antoni sings very well and has a very good hearing.

 But apparently it was also God’s finger that Antek was to go to music school. ” Today Antek is 11 years old and is still undergoing treatment. The first operations he underwent made his hands reconstructed and the boy can perform many activities on his own.

As he [Antek] says: “Now I have beautiful, simple handles that work. They can pick things up, drop things down, they can fold and unfold. They can hug, they can hug. I can throw, I can catch and many, many other things related to my hands.”

Antek plays on the instruments

Antek also has an older sister with whom he has a great relationship. “When I look at our children, I know they have a great will to live. They are our joy, consolation and fulfillment. They are the cement for our marriage ”- emphasizes mom. “When they come, they hug, laugh and say: „I love „, these are the most beautiful moments in life, worth loving, worth being. If someone had given me a choice, I would not have exchanged Antoni for anyone else. I love him the way he is. I love our children as they are because I love life as it is. Filled to the brim with various events, sometimes not easy ones, but most of all filled with smiles and love” – says mom.

 “We believe that since Antoni is entrusted to Our Lady, he will not be hurt. God puts many kind, good people on our way, through whom He works small and greater miracles in our lives. That is why we try to boldly walk and not be afraid”. Antoni functions very well despite his physical flaws. He is musically gifted, but also interested in robotics. He is also a very sensitive and cheerful boy. “Antoni is no different from ordinary children. Or maybe it is different in that it is unusual and unique. She is a wonderful, cheerful child. He’s the one who comforts me when I’m sad, when things don’t work out. It is he who runs to me and says: «Mom, don’t worry about anything. I am with you. We can do it »” – says mum.

 As the boy’s dad adds: „It is worth giving life and saving this life until the last moment, because we are not really the owners of this life.”

 Antoni already has plans for the future: „Do you know what future I would like to have? I will have a very large family and I will have a very good wife and children. I’m going to have seven children, like 7th Squadron, which I like very much” says the boy. With his life, he proves that limitations exist primarily in our heads, and God does not leave us alone when we ask for His support.

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Source: and „Niedziela” -Magdalena Kostrzewa-Kaliszuk and our magazine [Nasze Pismo] – bimonthly.

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The Author, born in Wrocław, an economist by education, a passionate traveler – likes to share travel impressions, describe them and meet interesting people. She lives abroad, but Poland is her true and only homeland. He collaborates with Nasze Pismo /bimonthly / and and other Catholic, independence and patriotic magazines.



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