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Author Jarek Micewski


SAN FRANCISCO – Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – a dainty actor called „The Pile of Meat” – told on social media what we saw in Washington calling it Kristallnacht in 1938, which was an anti-Jewish movement. “Our democracy is like the steel of these swords. The more it is violated, the stronger it becomes” he said. He criticized D. Trump and the riots in the US related to the attack on the Capitol by the president’s supporters. According to this Arnold, Trump will go down in history as the worst president.

It is not my job to praise or reprimand a former president. Nor is it my intention to nod or condemn Arnold for his chameleoness. I simply express what I disagree with, but I also do not recommend the bodybuilder as a role model.

Schwarzenegger admits to admiring Hitler! He says in his autobiography that some three decades ago he expressed admiration for the Nazi dictator’s speaking ability, but not for what he did with it. I philosophized that only a few people are born to lead, while the rest of humanity is born to follow them, and I moved from there to discussing the great conquerors and dictators of history.

I admired Hitler’s speaking skills, writes Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. „Coming up with outrageous things to say was easy because I always thought they would keep me entertained, „HE continues. I admired Hitler, for example, because he came to power when he was a little man with almost no formal education” is Arnold’s answer …

ABC News and the New York Times received a copy of an unpublished book proposal quoted from the „verbatim” transcript of an interview Schwarzenegger gave in 1975 while filming the documentary „Pumping Iron.” He said: „I admire Hitler, for example because he came to power … I admire him for being such a good public speaker … He also said he would like to have „the impression that Kennedy had, you know … ., talking to maybe 50,000 people at once and making them cheer, or like Hitler at the Nuremberg stadium and all those people yelling at you, they totally agree with what you say – The New York Times wrote that Schwarzenegger played Nazi marches and imitated SS officers.

But if you have to, Arnold can also lose his memory and answer: „I don’t remember ever saying something like that because I despise Hitler and the Nazis, I support the Simon Wiesenthal Center.” The Austrian-born actor whose father was a member of the Nazi party received an award in 1977 from the Simon Wiesenthal, who combats anti-Semitism, for his „generous commitment to numerous charitable programs and leadership” …

When journalists reminded him of something, he also remembered something ….! He remembered the toast he had made to Austrian President Kurt Waldheim at his wedding, right after Waldheim was involved in war crimes. (Sat, Oct 4, 2003, 1:00 am The Irish Time.) Schwarzenegger invited Waldheim to his wedding in 1986 with Maria Shriver, then CBS Morning News presenter and President Kennedy’s niece. The wedding took place in April, one month after Waldheim was publicly accused of lying about his wartime past. Waldheim was not at the wedding and sent a gift, causing Schwarzenegger’s emotional toast to praise Waldheim.

The filmmaker finally cut this statement, which is why Schwarzenegger could have contradicted it for years. Now, however, it admits that it actually fell (after WP 12-10-2012).


Schwarzenegger devotes a lot of space in his book to his family, especially to Maria Shriver. He describes an affair with her housekeeper Mildred Baena, with whom she has an illegitimate son.

„My father and our neighbors have also been deceived by lies, and I know what such lies lead to,” says Austrian-based Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Twitter video he addressed to former President Trump. The problem is that Arnold’s writing is not entirely true – because father knew what formation he had entered consciously and voluntarily …Arnold’s father served in the Nazi (German) army.

Arnold remembers that after the war, as a policeman, he gave him hard life training without regretting his belt and discipline. Documents in the Austrian state archives in Vienna, reviewed by The Times, show that Gustav Schwarzenegger was more involved with the Hitler regime than discovered by the Wiesenthal Center.

One document in particular shows that Gustav Schwarzenegger was indeed a member of the Sturmabteilungen, also known as „stormtrooper” or „brown shirts”.

He joined the SA on May 1, 1939. According to archival records, about six months AFTER the stormtroopers helped end the Kristallnacht, when Jewish homes and businesses were attacked all over Germany, and thousands of Jews were deported to concentration camps.


Austrian documents also show that Gustav Schwarzenegger served in units of the German army that experienced the most brutal bloodshed during WWII, including the invasions of Poland and France, and German madness in Russia and the siege of Leningrad. It seems that as a gendarme he was in theaters of war where the army committed crimes. But there is no way to know from the documents whether he played a role.

Michael Berenbaum, a Holocaust researcher who has written 14 books on the subject, said that based on the writings of Gustav Schwarzenegger, he appears to be „in the middle of a battle in the most difficult times”. „He was in the heart of Hell,” said Berenbaum. In an interview that followed, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he did not attend his father’s funeral because he was training for a bodybuilding competition.

Arnold’s father Gustaw was an alcoholic and the chief of the local police. In August 1942, he even earned the Order of the Iron Cross for heroism on the eastern front. He stayed in hospitals, also in Poland – in Łódź. He was discharged from the army in 1943 (?).



Innocent Germans!!!? In the 1928 election, the NSDAP obtained 800,000 votes. In 1930, there were 6.4 million votes, and in the summer of 1932, as many as 13 million.

Dear Reader, in order to better understand the current times of bleaching-sweeping, I suggest you read the articles in Naszepismo.pl – my Wehrmacht’s „Clean Hands” / Jarek Micewski / dated 15.11. 2020. And it is necessary to study by editor Antoni J. Jasiński entitled „SZOK”, which tells us about the humiliation of Poles and the whitewashing of the son of Hitler’s adjutant – currently the ambassador in our Republic.

Jarek Micewski /Translation by the editorial office/


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